v1.2.0 - 2021-09-28

  • Update Trimble Brand Colors (ETHER-138)
  • Add panel-xl class and modify other panel sizes in modus-layout CSS (ETHER-136)
  • Remove deprecated btn-reverse button variant (use btn-outline instead)
  • Smaller npm install size

v1.1.0 - 2021-08-12

  • Change box-shadow color from blue to trimble gray (ETHER-134)
  • Fix for SASS deprecation warnings for adjust-color() saturation (#202)
  • Change <small> and .small font-size from 10.5px to 12px (DDS-174)
  • Custom Switch CSS fix for IE11 (ETHER-126)
  • Drop Edge Legacy support (ETHER-132)
  • Fix for body font-family being duplicated (#203)

v1.0.1 - 2021-06-10

  • Update to Bootstrap v4.6.0
  • Input Field Placeholder Shift fix (DDS-133)
  • Address SASS deprecation warnings for adjust-color() (ETHER-129)
  • Fix for Indeterminate Checkbox SVG size /position (DDS-107)

v1.0.0 - 2020-12-08

  • Update to Bootstrap v4.5.3
  • Improved Checkbox indeterminate state styling (ETHER-112)
  • Improved Breadcrumb chevron style (ETHER-114)
  • Added breadcrumb-underline class (with underlined links)
  • Changed background-color of form-control Checkboxes from transparent to white for greater contrast on non-white backgrounds
  • Add 1px bottom border to form-controls inputs
  • Reduce label size of forms from 13px to 12px
  • Increase font size of small Buttons from 11px to 12px
  • Add code color #cc3377 (previously it used Bootstrap default)
  • Change Pagination active color to #07599B
  • Change Pagination active background to #E5F0F8
  • Reduce Card padding to 16px
  • Change Progress colors and add 1px #8C8B96 border
  • Change Slider color to $col_blue
  • Change Shadow depth and colors
  • Change Close button
  • Change Toast colors
  • Change Badge Warning text color to $col_trimble_gray
  • Improved contrast, consistency with custom scrollbars which apply to all elements except body (ETHER-125)
  • Revised Supported Browser (ETHER-120)

v0.9.5 - 2020-04-23

  • Added custom thinner scrollbars to WebKit/Blink and Firefox browsers

v0.9.2 - 2020-02-06



  • Added .message component with variants from $theme-colors

v0.9.1 - 2019-10-16


  • Re-imported Bootstrap’s Jumbotron, Carousel, and Print files


  • Updated outline button styles. Hover and Pressed background colors now 10% more opaque and 10% more saturated.
  • Removed default Bootstrap styles for .toast-header and .toast-body
  • Removed min-width on .nav-tabs and .nav-tabs-sm
  • Adjusted table cell line heights to better accommodate multiple lines
  • Adjusted list-group line heights to better accommodate multiple lines
  • Changed .card-header and .card-footer background colors to match main-background-color
  • Added bottom border to .card-header
  • Added top border to .card-footer

v0.9.0 - 2019-09-06

Framework Name Change

  • Changed name of framework files from ether*.css to modus*.css
  • Changed name of layout classes from ether* to modus*
  • Removed material-icons from $icon-font-classes. Now include the modus-icon class when using material-icons.


  • Updated to Bootstrap v4.3.1
  • Enabled customizability via !default tags in variable overrides

Color Palette

  • Added $trimble-grays .bg- color classes
  • Removed light color from $theme-colors
  • Removed info color from $theme-colors
  • Added tertiary color to $theme-colors based on Trimble Gray 2 (#D0D0D7)
  • Added yellow color to $theme-colors based on Trimble Yellow (#FFBE00)
  • Changed secondary color in $theme-colors to Trimble Gray 6 (#8C8B96)
  • Changed warning color in $theme-colors to #FFA500
  • Changed active color in $ui-colors to Blue Alt (#0C77BE)
  • Renamed gray colors to Trimble Gray naming scheme


  • Added $trimble-grays .text- color classes
  • Removed Roboto as heading font-family (now Open Sans)
  • Removed .display- variable overrides


  • Adjusted List Group border color to #EAEAEF (UI hover color)
  • Styled .list-group-outlined (deprecated) to match default List Group
  • Added .list-group-borderless which matches .list-group-chromeless (deprecated)
  • Adjusted Modal Header and Footer to be 3.75rem (60px) in height
  • Adjusted Modal Title to be 1rem (16px) bold
  • Change modal header and footer internal border color to Trimble Gray 1
  • Adjusted badges to have fixed heights (sm: 14px, default: 20px, lg: 28px)
  • Adjusted table styles to work with buttons and custom controls
  • Changed custom range styles and added hover styles
  • Added hover styles to custom switches, radios, and checkboxes
  • Revised list group styles (normal heigh 48px, small height 32px)
  • Added .badge-text theme color variants
  • Removed .btn-raised classes
  • Changed btn-outline variants to match btn-reverse (which is now deprecated)
  • Removed uppercase text transformation from button classes
  • Added .active and .selected button classes to toggle “Active” state (different than :active)
  • Text only and outline button variants now use opacity for styling rather than lighter colors
  • Changed tab styling
  • Changed accordion styling
  • Added custom breadcrumb styles
  • Added gray border classes (.border-gray-200 etc…)
  • Changed opacity of .nav-tabs .nav-link in disabled state to 0.3

v0.3.2 - 2019-08-02

Layout Fixes

  • Fixed issue with .ether-content-columns (Note: “ether” class names were changed to “modus” in v0.9.0) not behaving correctly in Firefox (related to bug with flex-shrink property)
  • Changed .ether-header height to 56px


  • Added .btn-light styles and corresponding variants
  • Custom controls now have cursor pointers on hover (not when disabled)
  • Added custom spinner .spinner-rectangle-bounce
  • Added .chip-sm size variant for Chips
  • Adjusted badges inside paragraph tags
  • Updated alert styles
  • Updated toast styles (they now have theme-color variants)
  • Changed ether content background color to panel background color (#F3F3F7)
  • Updated badge font-size and padding. Badge heights are now equal to the relative font size of their containers
  • Changed chip font color to $gray-600 (#595868)
  • Changed chip base color to $gray-200 (#E2E2E7)
  • Updated Accordion styles and added .accordion-sm variant
  • Reduced font-size for .tooltip
  • Changed background color and border color to .control-bg-color (#009ad9) for input controls in disabled state
  • Updated input-group-lg styles (height is now 48px)
  • Updated List style for disabled state
  • Updated Tables styles for hover, disabled and selected states
  • Updated Form Control’s disabled state opacity to 0.7
  • updated .custom-control-label font to match with form label font size and fixed vertical align.

Color Palette

  • Added light color (#EAEAEF) to $theme-colors
  • Changed selected color in theme ui-colors to #E5F0F8

v0.3.1 - 2019-06-05

Layout Fixes

  • Panel widths added: .panel-sm (250px), .panel-md (350px), and .panel-lg (450px)
  • Fixed z-index for layout to avoid modals

Color Palette

  • Added Trimble Brand Colors and their .bg- and .text- variants


  • Updated Nav Tabs styles
  • Updated tooltip styles
  • Updated alert styles
  • Added .dropdown-menu-sm (140px), .dropdown-menu-md (240px), and .dropdown-menu-lg (400px) to limit the height with scrolling.

v0.3.0 - 2019-05-23

Change to Ether Layout

  • Added new .ether-toolbar

  • Added .ether-content-rows and .ether-content-columns to better structure the main content area

  • Ether layout structure is now as follows:

    ├── nav.ether-header
    ├── div.ether-body
    |   ├── nav.ether-sidebar
    |   └── div.ether-content-rows
    |       ├── div.ether-toolbar(optional)
    |       └── div.ether-content-columns
    |           ├── div.ether-panel(optional)
    |           └── div.ether-content
    └── div.ether-footer

    (Note: “ether” class names were changed to “modus” in v0.9.0)

v0.2.0 - 2019-05-03

Component Updates

  • Switches, Radio buttons, Checkboxes, and Slider overhaul
  • Chip alignment fixes

v0.1.33 - 2019-04-29


  • Allow for multiple icon libraries (defaults to ether-icons and material-icons) (Note: “ether-icons” class names were changed to “modus-icons” in v0.9.0)

v0.1.32 - 2019-04-29


  • New input boxes and text areas styling

v0.1.31 - 2019-04-22


  • First official release

The format is based on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

Last updated September 28, 2021.